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For Updated News: Dreaming Out Loud
April Dates, WAOT vid, podcast
New dates added for April, for presale/ticket info, click:
Switchfoot has released their new video for the "We Are One Tonight", the second single off Nothing Is Sound, view on yahoo, download available on the Fallout Boards, (links provided, respectively:)
Also, check out for cellphone videos, courtesy of Jon for news on the video, and an upcoming podcast to be available on!
SF News is always good news
1) Spring/March tour announced: Presale going on now!!
2) Second Single announced: "We Are One Tonight" See a tour music video including the new single at  
3) There is a new home for the official Switchfoot message boards, check it out here: Columbia Records Forums
4) Issue #2 of Lowercase People, Switchfoot's online magazine has been launched! Go here >
Merry Christmas! + Update
Music Choice Presents Switchfoot in Concert Dec. 12th - Dec 25th Exclusively through Comcast On-Demand's cable programming (Channel 001-"Music Choice"). To find out more visit 
Also to note, although the fall tour has ended, Switchfoot's Blog "The Daily Foot" is still being updated with news of TV appearances and other events. Jump to "The Daily Foot": DailyFoot 
According to, a second US tour may potentially be launched this coming March. Tim: "This was easily one of our favorite tours ever.  Thanks to everyone who came out to see us, we're already looking forward to the next tour." However, this piece of news is noted on the website to be of the "rumor" category, an even more..."rumor"-ful un-fact is that the tour may be taking place in larger venues than this past fall's. Sign up for the Switchfoot Mailing List to get updates on upcoming touring activity: Mailing Sign-up
Jay Leno Appearance
Friday, November 25 (tomorrow) Switchfoot will be performing the single "Stars" on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The show airs at 11:35/10:35pm on NBC, check your local listings, i.e. TV Guide, newspapers for times or, for that and further information go to:
"The Daily Foot"
Wondering where Switchfoot is right now on their tour? Ever wonder what goes on in a day on tour? NOW YOU (may) KNOW. Switchfoot's website now features a nifty little item called "The Daily Foot", a blog detailing the daily and inside happenings while the band is on tour.
Jump to "The Daily Foot" here: DailyFoot
NIS Tour Launched, with additional & upcoming features
This Tuesday marked the launch of the fall Nothing Is Sound tour in Ventura California. Tuesday night Switchfoot also made an appearance on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, their best tv appearance so far.
ALSO, watch for Meant To Live THE BOOK! Due out April 6th, 2006, this complilation should prove to be a very amazing gift from the band. For more information, check it out here:
New live videos
A live music video of "Stars" has been released, catch it on Yahoo:
Also, (and now has a special set of exclusive live in-studio videos now available, the videos include: "Stars" and "The Shadow Proves The Sunshine", and "Dare You To Move". Find new photos of the band as well!
Album recalled-Christian retailers only reports,
"Here's some good news for any of the almost 57,000 Switchfoot fans who picked up a copy of the band's newest disc, Nothing Is Sound, at a Christian retail outlet and then, after buying the LP, wondered, "Gee, why can't I import these tracks to my iPod?" Turns out you threw money down on a defective album. According to a spokesperson for EMI CMG, which distributes Switchfoot's albums to Christian retail only, a manufacturing defect in the CDs' content-protection technology prevented fans from burning copies of the album or transferring the tracks to portable MP3 devices. Hence, the company's pulled all of the copies that were out there, and is recalling all of those copies that have been sold. Those who bought one of the defective copies (they've got the Sparro Records logo on them) and would like a fresh copy of the disc can return to the point of purchase for a new one."
Tour Beginnings
   The band having just finished its 3 date Australia tour is currently on its 2 date tour in Japan (for the first time). October 17th draws near, the kickoff date for the 21 date US tour of "Nothing Is Sound".

   Also, MTV's TRL is launching a new segment called Click To Pick, according to the Switchboard Streat Team, and Switchfoot's "Stars" is going to be featured next Tuesday, September 27th on MTV @ 5pm... IF the video makes the cut & stays in the top ten. You can vote (here: to help "Stars" make it into the "Top Ten" video playlist & thus into the TRL televised feature.


AOL Sessions
Switchfoot's series of live performances for "AOL Sessions" is now available for your viewing pleasure. The performances include the songs "Stars", "Happy Is A Yuppie Word", "The Blues", "On Fire", and an exclusive interview. To access the full list of video and audio files from these "Sessions" and more, select this link: 2005 AOL Sessions.
Album Sales
According to an article on, Switchfoot's Nothing Is Sound made #3 on Billboard's Top Ten Album sales in its first week. Says the article, "Rockin' beach bums Switchfoot brought their game from the shores of San Diego to America's record stores this week, and walked away with the highest-charting release of their career. Nothing Is Sound opens at #3 with more than 131,000 scans."
Switchfoot "Stripped" Performance
With the release of the new CD, Nothing Is Sound, Switchfoot will now be making multiple appearances...
See Switchfoot "stripped", enjoy exclusive video & audio-captured performances, photographs & related graphics here:
These are items just of note...
The Fall Tour presale tickets went fast. For those watching, you might have noticed that some shows were sold out within the hour they went on sale. If you missed the presale-don't worry! There is a store of tickets set aside for general sale due to start Saturday September 17th (TOMORROW) at 10am on ticketmaster and other ticket outlets.
According to a post on the official boards Nothing Is Sound will not be on any billboard charts until September 22nd (next thursday).
Other Releases
Accompanying the release of Nothing Is Sound are many other items & features new to the Switchfoot community; these include:
1) The first edition of Switchfoot's nonprofit organization's quarterly online magazine Lowercase People has been published to this webaddress:
2) New items, primarily of the shirt-type persuasion have graced the Switchfoot Store on
Also, the album having been released, the different deals different vendors offer have now surfaced in their entirety:
1. "standard" version with 12 tracks (available everywhere)
2. 'dual disk' version with 12 tracks plus bonus DVD (limited availability)
3. Target version of standard w/ 'Good Night Punk' bonus track
4. Walmart version w/ included download of 'Old Borego'
5. iTunes version w/ acoustic version of Stars as bonus track
 (compiling thanks to perc2100 on the official message boards)
Watch for (hopefully!) the appearance of Nothing Is Sound on's charts of the top 200 albums in the upcoming days/weeks, here:
Nothing Is Sound: Release
Switchfoot's fifth album will finally be released tomorrow, Tuesday, September 13th.
Here is a preview of events to occur:
12am- The "official" release of the album
5pm- Presale for the fall tour, tickets can be purchased through this
Its highly suggested that you set up an account now (it is independent of footsoldiers/bandfarm accounts).
7pm- Switchfoot will be giving a full interview to Total Axxess radio. Go here for local station listings, OR to listen
12:35/11:35pm- Switchfoot will be performing on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien". To check your local listing and times go here:


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