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12 Days of Switchfoot
As planned, Switchfoot's site now features a pop-up window that will tell you a bit about each new song, a different one everyday in the 12-date countdown to the release of Nothing Is Sound! To view, make sure any pop-up blocker, allows popups from Or you can go to this web address:, and make sure to 'favorite' it, so you can learn more about the Nothing Is Sound everyday!
Footsoldier Site Gets New Face
Following updates made to the main Switchfoot website, the Footsoldier official street team has seen some formatting changes and updates.
If you are already registered check it out here:
If are not yet a Footsoldier, you can register here:
Stars Video & More
New releases...
Continuning the procession of new releases that will color this summer and fall for fans the newly released fall tour dates. It includes 21 dates spanning a month between mid-october and mid-november - west coast venues included!
Check the lineup:
Also! there are many new shirts available on the bandfarm
Want to help SF launch Nothing Is Sound?
There's a new street team, working to help promote Nothing Is Sound's release. Join "the movement" haha! here:
The Super Update
Its been busy in the SF world, lets both get caught up!
1) Official tracklist
 - see it and other new info on the Nothing Is Sound info page under "discography"
2) Stars released and rockin' now on iTunes
 - according to the single debuted as the #1 new song on alternative radio, and is "quickly climbing the charts"
3) Myspace update brings info on Stars music video
 - Jon discusses the making of the Stars music video and catches us up a bit on the life of the Foot. New photos from the shoot are available here as well!
4) Additions to lowercase people
 - Jon has updated here too! The online magazine has yet to fully open, but its front page includes an introduction discribing the purpose and some details about lowercase people. The site currently also will allow you to tour it and get an idea of what it will be when it launches. Visit lowercase people:
5) New promos (and a official purevolume site)
 - 3 new promos were discovered on the official purevolume site (unknown to at least me until now) which is:
 - 2 new promo/profession photos were also included in an article of Risen Magazine, view the photos and read a fabulous article at Risen's website:
 - all new promos are available in the photobucket in the "Promo" album! Find a link on the NIS Info Page or the Photo Page. Enjoy!
6) Nothing Is Sound available for preorder (currently with a free poster!). For more information:
7) Nothing Is Sound available for clip sampling on some music retail websites...
Radio Release of "Stars"
According to an advertisement on, the full studio version of "Stars" is to be released to radio stations circulation on Tuesday June 28th.
The full MP3 version of Stars was made available through the advertisement on this site, a radio industry service database, which was then pirated and leaked/linked onto the Sony Official Boards, where you may now listen/download it (though a bit illegally). 
Switchfoot Database will continue to host the combined and mixed clips of Stars as released by the band, but will not be hosting the full version of "Stars", at least until its official release date, out of respect for the band. I implore you to pester your local radio stations and enjoy the song from the ad or boards if you'd like, but stay within the moral and legal limits of musical promotion. Thank you.
On a cheerful note, "Stars" - coming to a radio station near you!
Go see the advertisment yourself! It is located at the bottom of the "alternative" page, which can be accessed using the sidebar on the left. >>
Official Date of Release
According to, the official date of the release of Nothing Is Sound is September 13th...and with that, Nothing Is Sound is available for preorder! Everywhere.
The two released clips of "stars" as posted on the SF myspace and official website have been mixed (by various fans-hehe!)...and in that form can now be found on the Media page!
Thanks to you folks who did that, you rock my socks!
Happy listening!!!
Clip of 'Stars' Posted!
Go listen to a clip of a new song off Nothing Is Sound!!!
Find it on 's opening page OR on the myspace page.
Nothing Is Sound nearing completion
According to Jon's post on the official Switchfoot myspace page, Nothing Is Sound's final track was recorded and mixed last week. And the album was 'mastered' on this past Friday... 
"Last week the final track of the record, ("we are one tonight" a fairly new song that we tracked in the 11th hour) was mixed and on friday our record was mastered- the last step in the process."
Jon also reported that Switchfoot will be releasing the song "stars" soon, though said nothing about "happy is a yuppie word", which is believed to have a video already made (or in the process of being made). Its hard to say what the plans are for either of these songs at the moment, and the myspace page is definitely the place to watch for any news.
Official Switchfoot Myspace
Opened a while ago, but posted in by Jon just today for the first time...
It shall be added to the Links page, for future reference.
New Article on Nothing is Sound!
Includes a great interview with Jon Foreman!
Find it here:
(Now available in the Article Archive)
Nothing Is Sound Album Cover Released
Earlier this week, a fantastic discovery was made!
YAY! This is the official album cover of Nothing Is Sound, which is still due out in hopefully early August. According to Emily (xblueandyell0wx on LJ) the new video, shot underwater (!) a couple weeks ago is for Happy Is A Yuppie Word, which is rumored to perhaps be coming out as a single in July, but that's all speculation! There are a few more little tidbits of info on these subjects available on the FootSoldiers ("Street Team") member page on Sign up to be a FootSoldier to view it!
Switchfoot Bro-Am
"The Switchfoot Bro-Am is a surfing contest and concert to raise money and awareness for Care House, an organization serving homeless teens and young moms. The kids will be given a day at the beach, complete with shoes, clothes, surfing and guitar lessons." According to San Diego Magazine. This community fundraiser, operated by Switchfoot took place on Saturday, May 14th. Find out more information at
Related News Articles:
These and more located in the New Article Archive! (link above)
News of New Album at the
Gospel Music Awards-Monday, April 11, 2005
"The next guest was a very exciting surprise: Jon Foreman of Switchfoot walked in and sat down on stage for an interview with EMI CMG Label Group Director of Artist Development Nick Barré to talk about the new Switchfoot album! The rest of the band was still in California at that moment in the studio working on the next album. Jokingly Jon said that he had drawn the short straw to get to fly out to Nashville for this interview. After the interview ended, he was to fly back out immediately to California. (Thus Switchfoot's absence the next night at the Dove Awards!) During the interview, they played two tracks from the new album which is set to be titled Nothing is Sound. The first track was called "Hit the Lights, Look at the Stars." Jon's favorite song from the new album, "Shadow Proves the Sunshine," was played next. For those who are wondering what the new album will sound like, I can tell you that both of these songs maintained the "Switchfoot Sound" of The Beautiful Letdown, so Nothing is Sound should prove to be just as popular."  
-Holly Walden Ross,
(thanks to Kim ("Mikster") from the official message boards)
SCRATCH THAT! I just this second got the latest Switchfoot Newsletter, confirming MANY circulating rumors. Here it is:
"Well friends, after months of recording, we've finally given birth to our newest album, "NOTHING IS SOUND." This album was recorded all over the world while on tour in places as far as Germany, Africa, and Australia, and also places as close as our backyard. We are in the final stages of mixing what we all feel to be our strongest record yet... which is scheduled to release... (dramatic pause) in early August. We feel like proud parents, and we can't wait to introduce you to our newest creation. I'm not sure if it's a boy or a girl, but it definitely has teeth." - Tim Foreman
According to members of the Switchfoot fan community who attended last night's concert in Raston, Lousiana, Switchfoot has made two announcements:
1) The fifth CD, currently in production will be titled Nothing is Sound.
2) Jon also announced the cause of Tim's absence at the concert: Tim and his wife Andrea had a baby!