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Photobucket Contributions!

Hey there! The photobucket has finally seen some change! Check out the "contributed" section of the wallpapers album for some awesome new wallpapers by Sean "randomdood" of the new fansite:


Link to photobucket provided:

SFDB Pictures!

Got any awesome stuff that you'd like to share with the SFDB community? Contact us via email (, or the form below, or-or-or! the SFDB message boards located here:

SFDB Boards

Thanks for reading/visiting!



Progress in Progress

Hey there!

Just wanted to let you know there has been an addition to the More Snazzaycious Snags page! There is now a radio-mix of We Are One Tonight up on there for download...towards the bottom of the page.

More Snazzaycious Snags!

Know of a clip or something that you think is Snag-worthy??

Please share it with us! haha!

Drop us a message...anywhere. Guestbook; email (; all those on-site message-sendy things (see bottom of this page); ORRRRR on our message boards!

SFDB MESSAGEBOARDS OF AWESOMENESS note, the staff and I, or just I have begun the beginning, conceptualizing steps in making some major changes...that are hopefully not to far off from manifestation.

Happy Thursday! And thank you for visiting the database!




Snazzy Adds

Greetings again!

An addition (or two) has been made to the More Snazzaycious Snags section at the suggestion of our sister site's editor, Rebeccah (Freedom In Spring). Jump to the page: 

More Snazzaycious Snags!



SFDB Boards, Secret Section Addition

Hey there!

In response to the large number of requests for the song "Evergreen" I have added a download for the Secret Section. If you reallllly want it and can't for the life of you find the Secret Section-there is hope! I would be happy to send it to you if you request it via email. 

Also, the Stars music video...I apologize greatly for the inconvenience, but I have yet to successfully get this file fully downloadable. Right now only a portion of it managed to get uploaded correctly. I'm working on fixing this, but I can't say when it'll finially be up. Again, if you are dying to have it email me ( and I would be happy to send it to you!

And.....last but not least, in celebration of our recently achieved milestone of +10000 hits I have created (*drumroll*) the SFDatabase Message Boards! Dah-du-dah-DAH!!!! 

Find a link...well, I'm not sure where to put it yet..but you will find one on the Home page, the Links page, um...and here:





10,000 HITS!

Thanks to you Switchfoot Database, in only its ~9 months of operation has had 10,000 visits. Thanks a bunch for the support, and for being a part of my wonderful project!

I apologize for the updating inconsistency, and hope that this website is currently and will continue to serve you.

Comments; questions; suggestions; complaints; requests; submissions of artwork and/or links:

OR, sign the guestbook!! haha!






The rising need for the development and maintence of this website to be streamlined must now be addressed...

Please take our survey so that we may continue to operate to the greatest ability, or at least to find out more about what's up take a look:

SF Database Survey


(note, all participators will be sent an exclusive previously undistributed SFdb wallpaper in thank you for helping us...but...i will most likely find something better to send you as well...because...this means alot to me) 

Thank you very very much.


questions? comments? email me:




Things have been quiet in the sphere of all things Switchfoot...the band finished up the fall tour this past weekend in San Diego, and thus...things are quiet in the way of news. Nothing really hardcore as far as news goes, but there are some things to merch has been added to the store, look for this year's holiday package NOW AVAILABLE!


Rumor has it that the next single (MIGHT) be Lonely Nation, although it has not been announced and whatever single #2 is, it won't be released for a could expect.

I apologize for the inexistence of the november calendars...the lovely excuse: time has been crunched smaller and smaller of late, and as you know our Objects d'Arte section has been suffering the crunch. Any updates/additions made recently (today) have been little nudges and tweaks of existing material...there is always lots to explore on SF Database, though, and if you find you have an idea for us, please let us know!

As were on the matter, please drop us a note or how-do, or request (we do accept both comments and complaints...with equal joy....maybe....not.) using the form below, or sign our guestbook!

Best wishes!




Progress on Media Section Construction

As you may or may not already know, the Media section's Videos section has been under construction for quite some time. It now is one step closer to finished. Our downloads for videos Meant To Live, MTL Live, DYTM Version 1, New Way To Be Human, You Already Take Me There, and finally Chem6a are all up and should be functioning.

All of those but Chem6a are available for viewing without downloading, but Chem6a, and all soon to be added videos will be available only for download (not on-site viewing) through for space conserving reasons.

A link to our soon-blossoming page of Live Performances is now up in the Media Section, so far only the acoustic This Is Your Life and live Happy Is A Yuppie Word videos are up there.

Look for these changes to occur (with a warning here in the Ed's Notes) in the next few weeks:

Music Vids:

MTL Spiderman version Video

DYTM Version 2

Stars (currently on the Snazzaycious Snags page, in the Media section)

Live Performances:

AOL sessions 1 & 2

MTL & DYTM acoustics

MTV, "Yuppie Word" "Stars" etc.

Stay tuned folks! haha!

Happy Monday!




Old Borego

A download link as been added on the Snagacious Snags page of Old Borego, Switchfoot's only Christmas song. (yes, there is one). It was originally released in a Christmas compliation last year, and has been rereleased on Walmart-distributed copies of Nothing Is Sound. Enjoy!

Also, this download was added by request, if you are looking for any particular rare Switchfooty items please do ask...I might just have it, and will add it to the Snags if there is an interest!

Thanks, and again, Happy Friday!




October Calendars, etc

The new series of October calendars is available on the Photobucket...HERE 

Hard to believe but, work on the November series will begin soon. We've trimmed down the recirculation of older designs in order to conserve time and creativity to new designs. If there is an older design that you'd like to be in circulation please let me know and will get it back in the loop.

Our calendars have kind of taken the back-burner due to my new discovery of the thrills of background and wallpaper production. hehe! That therefore is where most of the creative energy is certered, although many of the calendar and wallpaper designs are inter-incorperated.

Find the Wallpaper album here: Wallpapers


Please use the form below or email us at for comments, questions, requests, etc.! About calendars or otherwise!


Happy Friday!!!



p.s. I apologize for the mess and slow re-construction of the Music Videos/Live Performances section of the Media section, you have to make a mess before you make a masterpiece! haha, well, we are expanding that section so its a bit unorganized and many of the links don't work at the moment. If you are looking for a video or performance in particular, I most likely have it on file, and would be happy to send it to you! Please contact me for such requests at!



Links Page Update

I checked the fansite links & made special notes on that page of which sites that I recommend you take a look at if you haven't already.

Also, MTV's TRL is launching a new segment called Click To Pick, according to the Switchboard Streat Team, and Switchfoot's "Stars" is going to be featured next Tuesday, September 27th on MTV @ 5pm... IF the video makes the cut & stays in the top ten. You can vote (here: to help "Stars" make it into the "Top Ten" video playlist & thus into the TRL televised feature.

Happy Friday!




Photobucket Work

Just about every album in the photobucket has been added on to. Especially the 'Jon', 'All-live', and 'Icon' Albums. 

Also, we'd like your help in an upcoming project: go to the Calendars photobucket, pick your favorite, or top three or so favorites and email us your top picks. The plan is to make a year-long series. Thus, we'd like your requests to help us decide which 12 out of..25 or so calendar designs will make the cut.

Link to our: Photobucket 

Send us your picks to






New SF: The News & Updates section has been updated with the more news-worthy news, but as a little note, there is a fanastic new feature on Yahoo Music ( called "Another Side of Switchfoot" worth seeking out.

New Site Stuff: The Graphics Section now has a "Wallpaper Gallery" that pulls out some of my favorites from our growing wallpapers collection, which I've been making based our monthly calendar layouts. You can see the full collection of wallpapers and calendars in the photobucket (see photos/graphics page for link).

By the way, we are now taking requests for images, lyrics, quotes, and color schemes in calendars & wallpapers. Contact us via the form below of email directly.

Stay tuned for updates and enjoy Nothing Is Sound!!!


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When you're face down at the very bottom of who you are, and there is no formality or pretence to cling to, all your masks fall off. In this broken place, our lives can be seen for what they are, no more no less; we are ourselves. 
For us, it’s about communicating and connecting with people on a different level.
-Jon Foreman
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