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Welcome to Switchfoot Database, This Is Your Site
Declaration Of Intent:
   Switchfoot Database was first published April of 2005 as a product of an experiment in website building, and of a need to give back to a group that has revolutionized modern music.
   This small experiment has evolved to its current state as a 39-page monstrousity, with the goal that as a "database" the site would provide all visitors with the material they need to help them be able to enjoy and connect with this band.
Legal Disclaimers:
   Switchfoot Database, as a fan-operated recreational website reproduces materials made by Switchfoot, other websites, and other individuals who have made these materials available. Switchfoot Database is strictly non-profit: no monetary exchanges have ever been made, with the exception of the purchase of its photo album from host,
   All materials made by Switchfoot Database out of other materials from other sources, are by legal definition photographic illustrations. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact Chelsea at


Who are we?
As the above captured quite succinctly, Switchfoot Database is a fan-operated fansite, it is hosted by Tripod and maintained using Tripod's Site Builder. The editor (the "fan" in "fan-operated") is a college freshman, named Chelsea (for real, that's my name)...I attend to Seattle University (yeah, the one in seattle, washington...not UW though) and presently do little else (as you might well know). I thank you for visiting and hope that my site will serve you appropriately and effectively. If you wish to submit comments or complaints, we'd be tickled to receive either. Ideas or advice are always welcomed. We (or...just I) hope you enjoy our (or just my) site as much as I do making it! Thanks.