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Mentionings continued...


NIS Release Features

As you'll notice if you tuned into the News & Updates section's new addition, lots of stuff is happening tomorrow!

Lots of new articles and mentions are taking the internet by storm! If you are snatching at any news you can get your hands on...i highly suggest checking out these links, which will hook you up with LOTS of material on Nothing Is Sound...or at least help you scan the headlines easier:


Additions to the site:

A FANTASTIC article by Reuters (a really prestigious news corporation/company) is now available in the Article Archive, it has a couple things you probably haven't heard before about the CD release.

Also, the front/home page has been manuevered around a bit in its layout. Hope you like it. It now has a little spot to tell you when we updated last.





Items of Newness for Awareness

   The newer MTV article is available for your reading enjoyment in the Article Archive (

   Also, the connection to "The Legend of Chin & Todd" page is back up, I apologize for the inconvenience.

   New to the Media Section is a link to a newer page, that has until now been available only through the Secret Section. This page, titled "Snazzay-cious Snags" is a place where you can snag some snazzy snags, in other words, there are downloads usually hard to come by...INCLUDING THE STARS VIDEO. That download is there thanks solely to Rebeccah from Dared2Move. Thank you very much!

Jump to the page now:

   As a note, we have a nearly complete grouping of music videos (also in the Media Section) that includes some that you may not have seen before.

   The Nothing Is Sound Info Page (in the Discography Section) has been remodeled to include Song Explanations, and also has some information on the album that may prove valuable.

   A new calendar & 5 new wallpapers are available in the photobucket, which has had somethings added to it in general as well.

   Also, a link has been added to the online magazine run by switchfoot, due out soon, called Lowercase People. Find it there or find it here:

Thank you & Happy Saturday!




Um...same as last time.

Across the board additions, including the new page! (number 39!!) The new page is easy to find for once, look for it on the navigation bar!




A Continuation of Addy-dos

P.S. um...look for a new page added on to the original Secret Section. This new page with hold some nifty nuggets...if you stumble across a page called "Snazzaycious Snags" you've found it...and if you stumble across a page called "Less Snazzaycious Snags" you've gone to far. That mention probably gives you an idea of what the new page shall hold.


Contact me using the form below!

If you haven't been here in a while and are too lazy to read back over my scribble below, here are some other new pages that have been developed fairly recently: "Guitar & Bass Tabs"; "Concert Reviews"; "The Legend of Chin & Todd".

These new handy-dandy pages have been requested for quite sometime and now are up and functioning in their respective places (the first 2 can be found in the Media section, the 3rd in the Band Info section).

If these new pages are missing anything, you have suggestions, or would like to raise a Political Action Committee to get new pages added but are having trouble raising funds, then cut through all the red tape (tehe!) and email me. Either use the form below, or contact me via SF Database's new email:





Celebratory Addy-dos

Greetings guests! In celebration of all the celebratory feeling in the air & action going on as we get closer to the release of Nothing Is Sound (2 weeks as of yesterday), I have been making little additions here or there. Things worth mentioning are as follows: 1) the small inflation of the photobucket-new promos and icons! 2)a special little link-like addition on the NIS Information Page which you can access via the Discography page. I highly suggest you check that out.

That's all for now.

Oh-Switchfoot has announced tour dates for fall, be sure to check the website. AND watch for Switchfoot to appear on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" 11/12ish on September 13th!

Happy Switchfooting!




Change-ups, Rumors

Updateage! Look to the News & Updates section for news of the Footsoldier site, which has seen updates of its own. Also, find that new MTV article in the Article Archive also hidden in the depths of the News & Updates section. The links page has had some change-ups. And word on the street is that Happy Is A Yuppie Word has a video in progress. This is entirely unfounded however, so...just keep it as a hopeful thought in the back of your head. hehe! now has lots of linky-dos up to help you get involved! Links for voting thingys, and links for radio stations.

Feeling spirited? Now you have an outlet. haha!

Have fun!




New stuff

Isn't THAT a genius subject? haha, more creativity next time, promise. For now, all my creativity has gone to salvaging the bruised dignity of the photobucket. In other words, I apologize for not having calendars ready for the new month at the START of the new month, but now there is a whole new battalion of calendars (and wallpapers) to satisfy both your August and September needs. In the form of some of the best designs i think have been done in a long time. To find a link to the go to the photobucket, go to the "Photos" page. Or for a direct link, go to the "Objects d'Arte" page (the bottom of this page).

As ever, i lovingly accept requests on calendars & things, and would like to thank the folks who got my creative mind working again for these ones. Thank you. 

Oh! I have put two stories from the guestbook onto the concert reviews page! thanks to those two who unknowingly lent their stories! The concert reviews page can be accessed through the "Guestbook" page. Share your story with us using the form on the concert reviews page, or right into the guestbook!


Happy Sunday!! 




Catchin' up

I apologize for the lack in update-age over the last two weeks, I've been traveling in Europe! Now I have returned, and to lots of new things, and am indeed far behind. Most of them are covered on the News & Updates page. Official releases and news of appearances are always recorded there. I have yet to snag the new articles in circulation, but those will be available in the Article Archive within the end of the week. In case you were out of the loop more than me, Tim's birthday was on August 15th. Happy Birthday to Tim!

Updates to the site have been limited, focused primarily in the area of News & Updates (as ever) and the photobucket. Time has been tight, but there are two new calendars for August. Also, the older designs have been reconfigured for your use for both the months of August and September. Please let me know if you have any preferences or ideas for photos, quotes, color schemes for the new calendars for September (and/or August). 

I do believe that covers everything, thank you for visiting, I hope the site is in good working order for you. If not, please feel free to contact me. Concert reviews are still in progress, I'll be taking stories from the guestbook for now, and am awaiting your stories to fill it further! A easy-to-use form is now located on the concert reviews page, to help guide you in the process if need be: 

I hope to hear from you soon!!!

Happy Thursday!!!




New items, and your standard shuffle

The Guitar & Bass Tabs page has been polished off, and is now accessible from the "Media" page. This new section includes 3 onsite tabs (both guitar and bass) of "Meant to Live" "Dare You To Move" and "This Is Your Life" it also includes a link to help guide you in finding more. I hope that its useful, if not, or if there's anything unsatisfactory at all about the new section, please feel comfortable to contact me. I'm also currently putting together the concert reviews page. It is still in the works but if you have a past (or recent) review or experience you'd like to share, please email it to me using the form at the bottom of the page.

Have a look at the current state of "Concert Reviews": 

When it comes to actual news, I'm sorry to say things have grown a bit quiet these last few weeks, and no actual news is existent at this point. It might be a good time to catch up on some articles from the article archive on the "News & Updates" page. hehe!

Happy Saturday!!





In my absence, a lot has taken place. And I am pretty sure nearly all of them are noted and detailed in the "News & Updates" section, if anything is missing--please let me know!

When it comes to the site, updates span the "News & Updates" section (obviously) and the "Discography" page. Additions have also been made to the photobucket, including four calendars for the month of july, and the set of usual suspects all updated and revamped for use this month. Another addition was inspired by an email I got requesting the calendar graphics in uncalendaristic form. Thus! The photobucket now has 16 brand spankin' new wallpapers. All adapted from the calendars. Um...I think that's it!

I am planning on adding a tabs page sometime...before next tuesday, perhaps. It is my goal. haha.

Happy Tuesday!!




New Stuff...

Lots of new things, new pictures (not quite in order yet), and new information to the News & Updates, Article Archive, and a few other pages. News is really the biggie today, go check out the features there. And the article page has two new articles worthy of your at the top of the column and one at the bottom, because one is brand spankin' new and one is from last year. Last year's article is really interesting its all about Jerome. A very enlightening article indeed. The latest article is from Alternative Addiction and discusses the matter of the new album, it includes some exciting new tidbits! That is all for now.

There are some big summer plans for SFdB, if there is anything you think we're missing, please let me know (via email, forms, guestbook, etc.) and I'll take a break from nudging pictures and make some new features! haha!!

Happy Saturday!




Hey There!

When it comes to new stuff...Check out the Media page! There you can download the two combined clips of stars! And the link actually works now! Promise!  

Oh...and if you haven't seen it yet, the Ode To Chin & Todd page is up, and can be reached via "Band Info". The photobucket has gotten a little bit of work, more calendars were added as well as a couple wallpapers.

For those of you who know where it is...the Secret Section (which exists!) was added on to...hehehe. Let me know if you find it! I'd love to know. Haha!

And another little feature was added, though its initial efficiacy is hard to gauge...we now have a mailing list. You can sign up using the little box now hiding in the "Works O' Whim" area on this page. We'll see where that goes! Haha!

AND, I reorganized the "Links" page...It now includes some fanlistings. If you are part of a fanlisting or manage one...let us know about it and we'll definitely add it!

Which brings me to another point, I have a passion for my email inbox, and would also love any input that you have on the site. Please feel free to make yourself heard! If there is something you don't see, or you have suggestions/comments/critiques, please let me know.

There are many ways you can do this...the most convenient is the comment form at the bottom of this page...or you can use the guestbook! hehe!

Thank you very much,




New Calendars

A few nudges & minor rearranging today. And three new calendars are available on the photobucket...along with ten older designs restyled for June. hehe!

AND! Go listen to the clip of the new song "stars" off Nothing Is Sound on either or

Have fun!




Quick Updates...

Some quick fixin' done today! Pages have gotten their routine tidying up. Individual Biographys expanded on the Band Info page, thanks to! Also, 2 articles added to the Archive, one is the MTV article, and the other is located near the bottom of the posting (as it was published a while ago-January). This article is an interview with Tim Foreman by TeenPeople magazine, interestingly enough-it has lots of little tidbits of interesting information, thereby making it a good article, and a good read. Two June calendars posted to the photobucket...more to come soon.

Happy Happy Late Switchfoot Friday and Happy Happy Early Saturday!





After maxing out the photobucket yesterday while trying to add all collected photos from the Bro-Am, I got to thinking-"this will not do!"

And so the photobucket account was upgraded, and will therefore expand in the future. For now, new subalbums have been created, but not filled. Except for the Bro-Am one. Have fun!

That's all for now.




More Mentionings...

A member of the acting cast of the newest Switchfoot music video was kind enough to divulge some pictures from the set of the making of the newest video, shot underwater, for Happy Is A Yuppie Word.

Read the post:

According to Nothing Is Sound could potentially be expected to be released August 2nd, but at the moment that is all rumor, and a VERY shakey one at that. 

An absolute speculation, from a good speculative source (Aimee-Paige of The Fallout) but still very very much speculation that the video or audio single of Happy Is A Yuppie Word might (not 'will') be released in July. This is not even a rumor; its BELOW rumor status. Its all hopeful guessing. But, there's no wrong in being optimistic! hehe!

So that's part of our handsome collection of rumors...




And Now We're Back...

Changes since last editorial postage are as follows:

The News and Updates page has been updated (hehe!) with some more new information about Nothing Is Sound, which then sparked some fervor and led to yet another expansion on the Discography page! Including a Nothing Is Sound page of course! Whoop! As you can see, the EdNotes page has seen another SWITCHaroo. Progress has been made on the Chin and Todd page! It is now halfway done, though not yet ready to be revealed! haha! It is still in the works and is therefore highly confidential...hehehe. 

That's it for now. Spirit is high, as is the temperature in my hometown of Seattle (surprisingly-hehe!); Summer is sneaking up, though not with much dexterity! Hahaha!

Happy May 28th!


P.S. next Friday is a SF Friday!! YEE! Are you plotting and planning? You ought to be! If you are without clue as to what this mysterious event might be or are looking for more ideas...look no farther than the handydandy linky-do on the right hand side of the News & Updates Page!



Weekend Work

Hey there!

I thought I'd alert you to the changes made in that lovely last stretch of end-of-the-week days. Hehe.

1. New Links, this page is updated the most these days, haha.

2. The "Le Eclectic" page only lasted about 24 hours before I quite happily wiped it out of its miserable, boring, unpurposeful existence. It was a good idea, I think I might do something similar, but that try was not quite what we wanted. I'll try such a page needs some more thought.

3. In its place, will be the Chin, Todd, and Ryan page. A page devoted to the unofficial members of the band. I long figured such a page would be very appropriate, but have yet to develop it fully. It is in the works and shall be up within the week I think.

4. Due to 2 requests in the guestbook, additions have been made to the site. Of these additions, is the new army of icons added to the photobucket. We now have 105, to be exact. I highly recommend if icons are your fancy that you explore the links provided on the "Objects D' Arte" page to both Surfingterm and Switchfootgrl19's abundant photobuckets, both of which have an plethoric collection of icons.

5. The other addition created is a "Quotes" page. So far I have about 25 for Jon and 16 for Tim, and hope to increase this. The page is accessible via a link at the bottom of Tim and Jon's bio pages, which in turn can be accessed through the "Band Info" page, by selecting their repective pictures to the right of the page.

6. Although this is not new, I'd like to draw your attention to The Switchfoot Timeline on the Band Info page as provided by our friend Annissa from the Fallout. Ever wondered what came before Switchfoot? Its comphresively and compactly tackles that area of mystery.

7. And obviously the final change made, was to the look of the Editor's Notes page as you can see. haha! Which may change in the near future...I'd love your input on it! email me: or use the (much more convenient) form below~!


Happy Sunday!




Inflation...but the good kind.

Today my focus was on increasing the number of links on the site. So, of course, the Links page has had some additions. I'd like to specifically call attention to our newest affiliates: Tim Foreman Fansite and the Abundant Skies Message Board. Both are burgeoning networks worthy of your attention. In other regions of linkage...the News & Updates page has -ha!- been UPDATED, with information on the Switchfoot Bro-Am, including links to the Bro-Am page on, as well as links to 3 or so really informational news articles. These news articles can be accessed both through the links provided and via the link to the (NEW!) Articles Archive page at the tip top of News & Updates. At the bottom of this page, is another new page: the News & Updates Archive, which is currently empty.

In other areas, the Discography SECTION is now complete. Discography actually consists of 5 the "View Details" link for each album to see features for each such as songlists, lyrics, pictures, and explanations (for some).

Hey! Do you have any ideas? Want to see something on sfDb? Want to sign the Guestbook? DID YOU FIND THE SECRET SECTION? If any of the above pertain to you, please take advantage of the contact tools and dive into the sfDb and Switchfoot community!

Hahaha! Cheesy? You bet.

Thank you!





I thought I'd notify passersby of some recent switcheroos and minor changes that have taken place during this week...

1. A request in the questbook made by our dear friend and site affiliate, Annissa manifested in an addition to the navigation bar! The guestbook can now be found there! The guestbook on this page shall remain operational at least for now, but all files have been transfered to the new guestbook on the nav bar.

2. Besides that there are only some minor changes, such as the media page finally getting reorganized, all videos can be reached from that page still! Simply select "video-bucket".

3.The photobucket has gotten some additions, but not enough to be really considered 'updated'.

3. New Links! You'll notice we are now linked to just about every Switchfoot Board in existence. If you know of one, or some other link that ought to be added, please let me know. I am a big fan of input, so feel free (and quite comfortable) to inform me of your ideas, or whatever is bugging you about this site. The 'submit-a-comment' form at the bottom of this page, is there to serve you, as am I.

Hopefully more additions will appear this weekend.

I'll let you know of every one! Haha!

Thank you!



Happy Two-Week Birthday to the site! 
It was at this rather forbidden time (12pm Sunday evening) two weeks ago that I began work on my site. Looking back, I'm amazed at all that has happened outside the site and within it. 
Lots of cool news items and updates came our way, all to be found in the aptly named News and Updates section. The discography page saw the most technical work since my last update. Secondary pages have been added to accompany each CD. Also, you may notice at first glance that the Media section has been...well, cleared. All the videos (more than ever before) can be found under the "video-bucket" link. Speaking of buckets...the photobucket has been expanded a bit. 
The site features lots of pictures, all of which (&more) can be found full size by following the link from the Photos page.
The Guestbook has seen some very nice expansion. Some buddies from The Fallout dropped in there, as well as Jonathan Foreman himself!!! NO KIDDING!!!! GO LOOK! Scroll down to the bottom of this page and select "View Guestbook" and sign it while you're there!
Give me a how-do, and leave me with some advice and stories if you'd like, too.
Happy Sunday/Monday!
Surprise additions!
See for details!!!
New things as of this moment worth your attention:
1) the news and updates page. 
2) new "video-bucket" page accessible from the Media page
3) THE SECRET SECTION. I hate secret sections, I can never find them. EVER. But, I craftily decided to make one myself (in total copyage of The Fallout) that I will always be able to find. haha!
I'm going to give you a hint, just one, and here it is: I hope you've noticed the addition of many new pictures to the site, many of them in fact have links.The site has approximately 38 pictures (with potential) without further ado I shall leave you.
P.S. Sign the guestbook! I want to know how it works! I guess I could sign in myself...that'd be lame. Save me from the lameness!!
Notes worth Noting...
I've been updating my last update! Cheating!
So here I am to really trully fill you in on major changes: All of the May calendars are now up in the photobucket!
How do you get to the photobucket? Go to the photos page and select the MASSIVE link at the top of the page!
Check this out!>>Go to the links page and scope out our handsome list of message board links and you'll notice at the bottom "The German Boards"-no kidding! I got an email this morning from our newest affiliate Jerry, who has really cool site/board of the German origin!
Go look! If you are looking to join up there, but speak no german--no worries! here's the secret:, you may need that to navigate the site, but otherwise the members all speak/write in impeccible english. Now go help connect the global Switchfoot fan community! 
In other areas of news, I created a guestbook for the site which can be found if you scroll downwards of this text, to the bottom of this page.
Feel free to give me a holler!
I hope you are enjoying the creation process of this website with me, I'm having a great time!
Happy Tuesday!
Changes, etc.
I've been updating little bits daily, today's major changes include--actually, all the pages have been updated a little, primarily the news&updates page--go see!!!! (Congrats to Tim!) 
The discography and objects d'arte have been inflated. Last night I finished the first May calendar! Woohoo! You can find it and all the other 'objects d'arte' in the photobucket (accessible from the photos page), both of which have had major additions.
I think only the "icons" folder is empty! Hence, the link to Surfingterm's HUGE icon photobucket which can be found under 'objects d'arte'. Make sure if you are taking these from SFTerm's bucket that you credit them to SFTerm if you choose to use them on Livejournal or message boards.   
I've added some links and hope to add more, contact me ( if you are looking to link your site!
Have a great day!
An Experiment...
I hope you enjoy the site. It'll be a while before I figure out the tricks of tripod. It shall be fun to watch the site inflate over the next few weeks. My goal is for this to be a-essentially complete-database of Switchfoot information and other such fun stuff! 
Let me know what you'd like to see!
Thanks for visiting.