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Chad Butler
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A Brief Biography
Name: Chad Matthew Butler
Born: March 24th 1974 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Education: Obtained a History of Science Degree at UCSD, and pursuing his Masters in Business
Family: Chuck & Carol Butler (parents); Shawn (brother);Tina Butler (spouse); Dylan and Evan (sons)
Pet Peeve: Snakes on the floor
Bad habit: Falling asleep at bad times
Hobbies:  Surfing, painting
Invisible for a day, where would he go: "I would sneak onto the space shuttle"
Best practical joke played on him: "One time while I was at a bus stop, this big bully guy threw my backpack on the freeway. He didn't do it just once; he did it every day for a week. It wasn't like it was on me, he'd sneak up behind me and take it whiile I was talking to my friends, and throw it over a chain link fence into the first lane of traffic. Cars were going around it, and I'd have to jump out right as the bus was coming and get it while all the kids were screaming at me to get on the bus. It was horrible."
On his lunch box when he was a kid: The Muppets
Musical Influence(s): Stevie Wonder
Goals beyond music: "I want to raise a family, learn Korean and master golf. I also want to write a book trying to explain the thrill of surfing to those who have never had the opportunity to surf."
Clothing brand he'd endorse if asked: Redsand
Most embarassing moment: "When I fell asleep driving and almost killed the band. It was the first day of the tour and we were only about a half an hour into the freeway."
Favorite things:
Cereal: Frosted Mini Wheats
Fast food place: Rubio's Fish Taco's in San Diego
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Favorite book: Mere Christianity by CS Lewis
High School Job: A Surfboard shop