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Jerome Fontamillas
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Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals


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A Brief Biography
Name: Jerome Fontamillas
Born: June 20th 1976 in the Philippines
Family: Unknown, but has a girlfriend, to whom he is rumored to be engaged.
Jobs: Well I quit my day job- "I was working at the tallest building in LA for two days full-time. And then I quit the second day to joining Switchfoot. That's my job experience. Two days."
Fact: Jerome toured with Switchfoot for 3 or so years before getting bumped up to "Band member"
Hobbies: Watching films,reading, drinking coffee, the beach, sleeping and producing & recording in the studio
Favorite Cereal: Peanut butter Cap'n crunch
"Though he is new to Switchfoot, Jerome is not new to the music scene. In fact, he has been doing music for well over 10 years playing in such bands as Mortal and Fold Zandura. Jerome loves being involved in music so when the opportunity came up to play with Switchfoot, he took it. Besides being a musician, Jerome is also an accomplished producer. He has produced bands such as Starflyer 59, The Echoing Green and NIV. When he is not on tour playing with Switchfoot, Jerome is in the studio recording and producing local talents in his area. He loves to help out up and coming artists whether its writing and arranging or just recording their music. In whatever spare time he can muster, he loves to watch films and read books."
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