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Tim Foreman
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Bass, Backing Vocals 



"Crying does not make you 'weak.' The weakest of all are often those who have forgotten how to cry."


"Don't allow yourself to become hard or jaded--seek truth with a passion! You will find the truth if you seek it, but you first decide if it is really truth that you are seeking. If it is, prepare to be found."


"I think the most difficult things that we sacrifce are the things that we have to sacrifice daily"


"Well Jon and I met mutually through our parents when he was 2 and I was 0, you see we're brothers"


"Chad fell asleep during our set, for those of you who know Chad, you are aware of his tremendous sleeping powers."


"I think if you're going to be on the road 355 days out of the year and just really pouring your heart into the music, it's got to be songs that you're passionate about. I don't think any of us could do this for four albums if we didn't believe in it."


"We want to play concrete girl....we really do....but when we try we kinda feel like a Switchfoot cover band"

A Brief Biography
Name: Timothy David Foreman
Born: August 15th 1978 in Lake Arrowhead, California
Family: Mark and Jan Foreman (parents); Jon Foreman (brother); Andrea Foreman (spouse, married 2001); and a baby as of April 29ish.
(NOTE: No specific date is known; obscure announcements made by Jon were released around this date)
Education: Attended UCSD with a major in computer design (?), until the band picked up the momentum they're currently traveling at; San Diegutio High School (grad year: 1997)
Musical Education:
Tim Foreman has been playing bass since the 5th grade, and never took any lessons. He taught himself Paul McCartney songs on bass with the help of Jon, his brother.
Musical Influence(s): Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles
Pet peeve: When there is stuff that needs to get done that's not being done.
Hobbies: Surfing, other random sports, photography, breakdancing and swing dancing
Invisible for a day, where would he go:
"I would sneak onto an airplane and fly to Tavarua. It's a tiny island in Fiji, and only 40 people are allowed on it at a time. They have the best waves in the world."

On his lunchbox when he was a kid: "I didn't have anyone on mine.. It was wicker. Everyone called me 'Amish boy'."

Favorite things:
Cocoa Pebbles
Movie: "Good Will Hunting. No, Amelie"
Fast food place: In-n-out
Holiday: Christmas
High School job: "A coffee shop where there were no customers. They had a pool table and I got paid $6 an hour to play pool with my friends."
Book: Anything by C.S. Lewis
Most Embarassing moment: "I gave an hour long presentation in my senior economics class, and as I was walking to my seat after I finished, I realized that my fly was completely down."
Information provided courtesy The Fallout, and

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